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It was 1989 when The Motherhive came into being.  Initial members were Pete White, Keith Trim and Andy O, the name Trim White Overall was considered as a name for the band, kinda like it….  The Motherhive was then presented to Keith and Pete by Andy, who had been reading a Rudyard Kipling poem of the same name, it was soon adopted. The band had been recording somewhere out near Hendon in a studio run by John…. who had been representing Keith & Pete prior to Andy joining up,  but John was not managing to create an awful lot for the early Motherhive, so it wasn’t too long before he and the band went their separate ways.

In 1989, Andy spent a few weeks in the small cheese town of Alkmaar, Holland, whilst there he met some very tall individuals (6ft 11ins), one of which, Geoff, played some mean harmonica.  Geoff came over to London shortly after Andy’s return and played some of that harmonica on a new song that Andy had just written for the band called, Anne Frank with a telephone.  A gig had also been arranged down in New Cross, where Geoff made an appearance but he froze in the spotlight and that wonderful harmonica sadly disappeared.  However a gorgeous moment had been caught on tape, Geoff’s flow on the monica, on Anne Frank is beautiful.

Tony Horkins, drums and Tom Spencer, guitar, joined the band sometime later that year or it may have been early 1990 and the sound began to take shape.  Rehearsing at Survival Studios in Acton some mean demos were put together with Chris Thompson at the helm producing.  Chris, a bass player, most famously for R&B punk outfit, The Screaming Blue Messiahs, produced some of the best recordings of The Motherhive songs, amongst which, Cuckoo Lament, Ya Think Ya God and Miles Away, were and still are highlights.

The Motherhive represented an artistic flowering for Andy O who was writing much of the material.

More to follow………….

Some rare footage of The Motherhive in1990 at the famous Mean Fiddler in Harlesden, NW London.  That is a wig that Andy is sporting beneath his Russian-like hat, something that he decided to adopt for a couple of shows……….this is followed by a studio video of one the bands popular songs, From Earth to Miranda.

Ya Think Ya God and Miles Away-Mean Fiddler, Harlesden, NW10

From Earth to Miranda-Survival Studios

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