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The Rave – Local Press 1979

The Rave at Braintree nightclub Weavers 1979

The Rave at Braintree nightclub Weavers 1979

The Rave-Sounds Live review

The Rave-Braintree College-Braintree & Witham Times-1979

The Rave

The Rave in Sounds

The Rave – review at the Triad Band Contest

Rave Gigs

The Rave at The Greyhound

The Rave at Braintree Night Club – Weavers – 1979

Rave In the Spotlight              pic by Dominic Rouse

Andy O – The Rave at Weavers Night Club – Braintree – 1979 – pic by Dominic Rouse

Pete Collins Guitarist with The Rave – Weavers Nightclub – Braintree – 1979 – Pic by Dominic Rouse

Rave Fans

Dominic Rouse, the photographer who took these pictures, was 19 and worked for the Braintree and Witham Times at the time of ‘The Rave Wave’.  Thank heavens he was there to capture some of the magic.                                    


The Rave demo’d three songs from their repertoire they are as follows and please click on the links to hear them.

Look Around

See You Next Tuesday



  1. Great to find this page – you might be interested to know that guitarist Kevin Prockter now plays for a band called “Fixater”.

    Does anyone have a copy of the Sounds article or know which edition it was in?

    Cheers, Robert

    • Hello Robert,

      I am pleased to hear that you like the Rave page on the Blue Zoo blog and thanks for the update on Kevin. We were in The Rave together. I have put out a request for the Rave article in Sounds but haven’t had much repsonse. I thought I might have had a copy myself somewhere among all the Blue Zoo clippings but sadly not. I want to put the article on the site. I can’t remember which edition it was, only that it was 1979. It would be good to read agai after all this time.


      Andy O

  2. I play with Kevin in Fixater and it is shocking for me to think there is so little else written about this band.

    A friend of mine has every copy of Sounds magazine during that period, so it will surely come to light quite soon. I will give you a shout when I have it!



    • Unfortunately, apart from the Sounds article back in 79, which I now remember was written by Robbie Millar ( female), there were no live reviews from the major music press. Of course, local press such as The Braintree and Witham Times cottoned on to the band but that was sadly it. I wish you both well with Fixater, I like the name.


      Andy O

  3. Hello Andy,

    Kev found the Sounds article and we put a scan of it in the “Historical” album on our new MySpace page –

    Obviously, the text is way too small to actually read, but if you send me your email address I will send it and some other stuff that he found over to you.


    Rob (

    • Hi Rob,

      Well done Kev! Yes please send the article and other stuff over to me at

      Thanks Chaps


  4. Hi Guys,
    Great to find this page of magic memories. Does anybody know of any recordings from those days. the band did two studio sessions so the tapes must be somewhere. i also had some recordings of a couple of gigs at weavers which were borrowed by someone and never returned. That was the days of the famous Victoria street flat, the unofficial hq of the band. anybody can contact me at

    cheers, Dicko aka Paul Dickinson

    • Hi Paul,

      How are you? I do still have a tape of 3 songs that we demo’d, Conviction and See You Next Tuesday being two of them. I don’t recall any other recordings. Shame that the live Weavers recordings went missing, you should of made copies!!!! Chase them up!!!!

      All the very best for 2013

      Andy O

  5. Hi Guys,

    G’Day you old Ravers! Just been told of this on-line page (bit late I know) but I have a recording of the studio versions of ‘See you next Tuesday, Conviction and Look Around’ and a few photos and memories, and approx. 1 hour tape of a rehearsal at ‘The Swan” pub quality not brilliant you under stand, tell you the truth I think ‘Archie’ recorded it?

    I’ll dig some out and send them if you can get back in touch.

    • Hi Nigel,

      How are you? Long time. You’re in Australia right? I set up The Rave page sometime ago now, as a page connected with my other musical outings such as Blue Zoo and Motherhive. Kev Proctor managed to get hold of the Braintree and Witham Times pictures, from Domonic Rouse and the Sounds article etc etc. In fact, Kev came along to see the first Blue Zoo show in 30 or so years at Shepherds Bush in 2010, he came back and said hello, it was good to see him. I did get back to Paul (dicko) remember him? RE: the demo ( I also still have a copy) but I don’t have the rehearsal, would love to hear that….Please send me a copy….. Anyway I hope you are well and things are good.
      Best Andy.

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