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  1. Hi,
    Is there anywhere I can get a copy of Two x Two have most of the singles from back then including the 12″ of Forgive and Forget but unfortunately never got the album. Thanks

  2. I love Blue Zoo, can’t believe I missed the London show..!

    Please release it all on CD lads, it’s just too good to be left behind.

    • Hello Richard,

      Just to make you feel worse you missed a good show. However, we will be playing again during September and October. Dates will posted on the blog once confirmed.

      Thanks for your support.


  3. Hi Jeffrey,

    2×2 can’t be obtained officially I’m afraid. You might be lucky if you visit record exchange or any secong hand record shops you may know and there is also ebay of course.



  4. That’s good to know, thanks!

    Any chance of a double CD release?

    CD 1) 2×2 remastered album
    CD 2) remixes and b-sides

    I’m sure your original label or someone like Cherry Red records could do a great job of this.

  5. going to see dept S – then came across the flyer – how mad is that – thought I was one of the few who bought Cry boy Cry – prob the album too – we had the haircut / cut up the shirt – think i was only 12 and felt i was the bees knees!

    looking forward to the show – so you’ll be on at midnight?


    • Hi Ed,

      Yea, we’ll be on midnight. Won’t be donning the T-shirt and the hair is a tad different. Songs sound hot though!

      Enjoy !!!!!!!!!

  6. hi ya.. going to miss the shows as i am in Bangkok.. don’t get back to the uk til later in october..
    will there be any more shows after 5th?
    Blue Zoo was my fave band 😉


    • Hi Ricky,

      Next show Dec 14th – The Ginglik – Shepherds Bush Green

  7. Great show at madame jojo’s – sorry missed the last, so when’s the next show?

    • Hi Ed,

      Next show Dec 14th The Ginglik-Shepherds Bush Green.

  8. Darn it – I missed both of these shows and had no clue they were coming! The Blue Zoo wikipedia page no longer contains a link that points over here. Did some so and so remove it?

    Get aggressive with the Facebook postings at all the friends you have gathered there and we will hear you…

    Cheers, Rob

    • Hi Rob,

      Sorry you missed the last 2 shows. The next is back at the Ginglik on Dec 14th.

  9. Howdo,

    Assume alls still on for the gig on 14th?
    Any idea’s what time u be on at since
    venue times are 7pm – 2 or 3am.
    Can you do some gigs more often?

  10. I remember very good looking blonde boy called Phil. Good friend of Andy O. Is Phil about and does he have boyfriend.



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